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Professionals in the contract management field face extraordinary challenges and commitments. To meet the training needs of busy contract management professionals, NCMA offers self-paced, relevant e-courses.

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These Web-based, topic-specific e-courses are designed to develop and improve proficiency in your role. Each course takes approximately one hour to complete and is valued at one continuous professional education (CPE) point.

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Contract Changes, Disputes, and Terminations — Mastering the Fundamentals

Contract Changes, Disputes, and Terminations is a one-day National Education Seminar (NES).

Contract changes are inevitable and must be anticipated and properly managed. Contract Changes, Disputes, and Terminations—Mastering the Fundamentals is a one-day NES designed to provide the information you need to handle any and all ambiguities, differences of opinion, or potential and real conflicts between the parties. These can arise by verbal discussion, letter, the proposal, the basic contract, or any of its subsequent modifications. They can involve everything from the interpretation of the statement of work to the minutes of a meeting. Changes can also come from various sources—some with the authority to make them and sometimes not. They can impact the success of your contract as well as the relationship between the parties.

This seminar will equip you to understand the following:

  • What constitutes a change,
  • How changes arise,
  • Who is authorized to issue and respond to changes and how to respond,
  • The various actions to be taken to successfully incorporate changes both parties agree to, including the next steps when agreement is not forthcoming; and
  • Knowing when and how to expect contract changes, as well as disagreement.

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Participants will earn 7 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours.

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